Soli Shin | May 1, 2017

EPIC Things Happening in Charlotte

On a rainy Wednesday in April, a van of energy students from Duke University rollicked over to Charlotte, N.C. One of the most exciting locations we got to visit was the Energy Production and InfrastructureContinue reading

Soli Shin | March 2, 2017

The Story of Storage

As a graduate student, you often hear a lot about the tremendous disruptive power of energy storage. Companies that work on energy storage often don’t do just batteries, but they want to offer their customersContinue reading

Soli Shin | February 15, 2017

CHP plant, spring revival?

What’s the update since the holiday season regarding the proposed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) natural gas plant? Before we launch into that question, I want to bring readers’ attentions to the Climate Reality ProjectContinue reading