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For me, it’s the tropics

It was edging near 2pm and the sun was bright and strong overhead.  We were all tired and hungry from […]

Group MPs Across the Globe: Blue Carbon in Belize

A sign found in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye (Photo by Emma Kelley)

When I think of climate change, I often think green. From "going green" to greenhouse gases and beyond, the color green is thrown around a lot in the environmental world. But what about thinking blue instead?

2014 EIA Energy Conference

On Monday and Tuesday of this past week I had the opportunity to attend the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s annual […]

Island to island

Travel from Pivers Island, North Carolina to the island of Mo’orea takes about 24 hours. Three flights and then a […]

“Le petite”, “Le Sac”, and the “Lost”

There are plenty of things that go ‘bump’ in the night whilst camping in the Central African rainforest. Glowing eyes […]

Women in Environmental Decision-Making

“The absence of women, particularly those from the global South, from national and international discussions and decision-making on climate change […]

New Adventures

Taking pictures across America

In which I take an epic journey to my new job/town/coast.

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