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Living in a Migration Destination

snowy plover, florida, migration

Erika experiences her first migration season on the Florida Panhandle.

Seal Friend: A testament to Conservation’s Triumph

Harbor seals once had all but disappeared from Monterey Bay. Fur trappers had eliminated sea otters, urchin populations exploded, and the kelp forests were decimated.

The Future Of Geology: A Geologist’s Take On School, Careers, And The Environment

Coastal geomorphology on Bald Head Island.

As I write this the DOW has plummeted 1000 points and WTI is at a pre 2009 low of $38.00 per barrel.

Final Thoughts

Recently I finished my internship at the Rocky Mountain Institute and I’m back in Durham for another year of school.

On passing gas in the woods

Plugging the leaks of methane from gas wells and the gas pipelines that crisscross our country is probably the easiest, most effective, and straightforward way to curtail the rise of methane in the atmosphere

Ask Questions–Always

There is something fantastically energizing about conducting research—liberating even.

A Working Waterfronts Summer

Field season usually takes the blame for a busy summer, but not this time. From a Mallows Bay participatory mapping workshop to support a National Marine Sanctuary nomination [...]

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