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A Trip to Almost Heaven

“Be open to whatever comes next.” For the past month, this has been my motto. As I have plunged into […]

The Rockets’ Red Glare

When you are watching fireworks on July 4, remember that you are receiving an increment of air pollution

The Great and Not-So-Dismal Swamp

after sunset by conor

Six months ago I included Lake Drummond in a list of places I wanted to go this year. Now I am happy to report that I can cross it off my list.

Borderline Embarrassing

“There’s something big out there.” I fold a hand over the top of my eyes in a vain attempt to […]

Dune Walkovers: Simple Yet Effective Erosion Solutions

nature, landscape, florida, beach, dune

I shielded my eyes against the bright summer sun as I hopped out of the county vehicle. We are in […]

Lessons in translation from the field

A foreign language can be great fun, but it can also be a great obstacle. It can be an even […]

Star Light, Star Bright


With the invention of artificial light, we could overcome the darkness of night, but has it overcome our connection to the stars?

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