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Seeing Bald Eagles along the coast of Maine this summer makes me think of the good things that have come from environmental science

Coming Face to Face with an Endangered Species


It was a hot morning near New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I was standing on a wooden marina pier facing t […]

Traditions and Ecotourism in Hopkins, Belize


Nestled in southern Belize, Hopkins is a small community of 1,500, but with a burgeoning tourism ind […]

Reading the Mad Hatter’s Diary

When the EPA suggests regulating the emissions of mercury from power plants, the immediate question is how much of the mercury found in downwind environments is from the powerplants and how much is natural.

Tackling the San Juan and Sawatch Mountains

Racing the storm clouds back down the mountain.  There was a dark cloud above our heads that looked just like the ones you can see in the distance here.

These past few weeks I’ve had opportunities to do some AMAZING mountaineering.  I’ve been clim […]

A Year in the Tropics


Costa Rica has been a dream of mine for a very long time…I am not sure at what point it became this […]

“Boatocol” Sampling across Five States

2,800 miles, five states, 6 rivers, 12 days… it’s been another epic hitch sampling strea […]

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