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Aloha ‘Aina

  Aloha ʻĀina refers to a sense of place, a central concept in Hawaiian culture. A connection to a particular […]

Day Ten – The riches of deep seawater

  On day 10, we experienced the Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park which is administered by National Energy Laboratory Hawaii […]

Day 9 – The Alala, the bird with the big voice

  On Thursday morning we made our way to Volcanoes National Park to meet with Lea Ka’aha’aina, the education and […]

Day Nine – Snorkeling at Two Steps

After spending the morning in the forest, it was time to get in the water! We went snorkeling at Honauanu Bay, […]

Day 8, Part II: Kalaemano o Kaʻupulehu

  On Wednesday afternoon, we visited the Kalaemanō Interpretive Center, where we were fortunate to speak with two native Hawaiian […]

Lessons from Woods


I still have hope that each generation may be wiser than the last, that there are people of all nations committed to making this world home again. I’m open to letting a dream carry us into the future…convinced that real change may come in acts of healing.

Turtle Tangling – Day 4

I started swimming the net and saw a large green turtle with 2 remoras under it get tangled toward the bottom of the net. I started pulling up the net to lift the turtle and then swam down to try to bring the very heavy and frantically flailing turtle up to the surface.

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