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Throwing Snowballs at Climate-Change Deniers

The past few weeks have seen unusual cold and record snowfall in the Northeast. All kinds of folks point at me and say: this global warming stuff you talk about can’t possibly be true. Nothing shows their ignorance of the issue to be deeper.

Field Work and a Feral Horse

The first time exploring a new field site and trying out a new methodology is both slow and interesting.

A Duke Snow Day

duke gardens, duke, snow, winter

Duke students enjoy a rare snow day on campus and in Duke Gardens.

Reflecting on AAAS 2015

aaas pic 3

A few weeks ago I traveled to San Jose to attend the annual AAAS meeting, one of the largest science conferences around. Here's my take on the meeting and the role science communication had to play.

High on the Hog

Recent developments in the North Carolina hog industry have opened new doors to the world marketplace for gourmet foods. Near Smithfield, NC, the Ivey brothers, using the best animal science, have significantly helped to expand NC pork exports by creating “silky pork,” that suits the tastes of Japanese customers.

Valentine’s Day Snow Geese

snow geese, birding, pea island, outer banks

A Valentine's Day adventure to the Outer Banks in search of Snow Geese.

There is a Salty Cure for Everything

“The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with […]

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