Teaching biodiversity

This semester I’m teaching an undergraduate environmental science class: Biodiversity Issues and Field Methods. It’s not that common for PhD students to be able to design and teach a course, but thanks to an Ann T. and Robert M. Bass Instructional fellowship, that’s what I’m doing! We … Continue reading

Plumbing the origins of lead in nature.

Lead has played a role in human society for thousands of years. Romans made pipes of it. Medievalists made goblets of it. Armies made bullets of it. Artists and builders made paints with it. And, automotive engineers added lead to gasoline to make engines run better. The problem is: lead is a … Continue reading

Living in a Migration Destination

When I lived in Durham, migration was a transient period in spring and fall, when birds passed through the area on their way farther north in the spring, and farther south in the fall. A few weeks were all we had to soak up as many species as possible before they moved on. It was true, some … Continue reading