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Some Thoughts for the New President

Scientists are not merely a special interest group.

Conversations on leadership offer practical insights

What does “environmental leadership” even mean? The question buzzed around my partially-frozen brain as I watched the scenery whiz by […]

Increasing the reproducibility and transparency of scientific research

Frustration with other studies’ insufficiencies in data reporting led to my increased awareness of scientific transparency.

Our Newest Endangered Species: The Rusty-Patch Bumblebee

  The Obama administration has officially designated the rusty-patch bumblebee as endangered, making this tiny creature the first bee from […]

Why I Knit My Own Sweater

knitting, yarn, sweater, crafts

Over New Year’s weekend, I spent a very relaxing few days binge watching Downton Abbey and just taking it easy […]

Aquarium Diving: What’s it like?

Flying home to Colorado this winter break, I was excited for the snow, the mountains….and scuba diving. When I learned several years […]

Hydrofluorocarbons—yet another greenhouse gas

The countries of the world agreed to limit HFC emissions over the next 30 years, making a huge contribution to the eventual success of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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