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The Pros and Cons of Ecotourism

Ecotourism does a lot of good. It helps people create a bond with animals, which might encourage them to help conserve them. But it must be done responsibly.

Whither your water

It gives me pause to see proposals now before government agencies to relax the standards for discharge and stream protection

Why You Should Buy the Duck Stamp

nature, landscape, passport, national wildlife refuge

Every year since 1934, hunters hoping to go after waterfowl or other migratory birds have been obligated to buy a […]

Climate Change Economics

The impacts of climate change are likely to cause a 1.2% decline in GDP across the U.S. per one degree rise in temperature (C)

Malagasy Culture

When I first got to Centre Valbio, I was lucky enough to see a bit of musical Malagasy culture. Whenever […]

Entering the Swamp

In many election campaigns, “Washington” is a dirty word. It’s code for special interests, political patronage, partisan squabbles – everything […]

The Ethics of Zoos, a Conservation Conundrum

Zoos have a controversial history among conservationists. Some ethical frameworks praise zoos for increasing the intrinsic value of animals and […]

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