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Those who enjoy understanding about science need to do more than bask in that pleasure.

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A syllogism for climate change

As it gets harder for anyone to believe that the global climate is not changing, the argument seems to be shifting to whether or not the changes are caused by humans.  For this, I remember the concept of a syllogism from my sophomore class in philosophy.  Herein, some logic:             Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere warms the Earth.              Humans emit carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.               Humans are warming the Earth.

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Dare to Doubt: 20 Climate Change Facts for Deniers

Carbon dioxide is rising as a component of Earth’s atmosphere (NOAA, 2017). The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has not been this high for the past 5 million years (Stap et al. 2016). Beginning about 10,000 years ago and extending to the advent of the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was roughly constant, indicating that natural sources were well-balanced by removals from the atmosphere (Fluckiger et al. 2002). The current rise in carbon dioxide is due to human activities, especially combustion of fossil fuels (Hofmann et al. 2009). Carbon dioxide is a “greenhouse” gas, inasmuch as it […]

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An opinion for the City of Light

Doing nothing about climate change will make us look like a ship of fools.

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Riding contrails to our future

Airplane contrails have little impact on climate, but, contrails are an interesting surrogate for what clouds may do in the future.

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