First Day At Work

Over the past few days, I have gotten to know the rest of the family of staff at Small Bay Hope Lodge and its guests. From the owners to the divemasters, everyone at Small Hope contributes to create a unique communal atmosphere unlike the typical all-inclusive resorts. Few other places have divemasters serving as bartenders at night and have owners that will join in the daily happy hours. I have been settling into the beautiful beach resort. My first few days consisted of logistics, pouring through Small Hope’s energy bills for the past few years, organizing office documents for all information relevant to our project, and trying to create a framework for the team. I have been meeting with Jeff regularly to try to tease out the focus of the project and how to narrow our project to a reasonable scope for the short three months. After going through 10 or so binders, I decided to move my office to the outdoors. Prior to moving on to the 400 megabytes of data and documents I had to review, I learned about the art of opening up coconuts from “Timer”, one of the maintenance guys on the resort. Armed with a coconut in hand, I was ready for the workday.

Make Shift Office
Things I learned Breaking Open My First Coconut: Not as easy as guys with machete makes it look, shockingly little amount of water in it considering proportion of coconut fiber and I will be leaving coconut water making to pros at Zico or Coco Vita in the future.

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  1. Sounds like you’re off to a great start, Michelle! I love the dog that makes a guest appearance in the last photo. Apparently he’s still interested in getting his paws on some coconut fiber!

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