Author: Jose Magana Paredes

I am the product of two immigrant parents and the middle of 5 children. I'm a first-generation college student from Salinas, CA; an agricultural region known as the "salad bowl of the world". I have a BA in Economics from UCLA, a Professional Certificate in Finance from UC Berkeley, and I am currently working on my MBA/MEM joint-degrees at Duke University. At the NSOE I am pursing the Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health track. In the seven years I worked prior to starting graduate school I worked as a manager in a hospital, a contract small business consultant, a finance manager and hospital accountant, and a financial analyst at a software firm. I spend my free time volunteering, exercising with my dog, on road trips, and pursuing my entrepreneurial endeavors. I love to eat thin brick oven pizza, Indian food, and traditional Latin American dishes. My life goals involve helping disadvantaged communities gain access to quality, affordable, accessible, environmentally sustainable, and equitable healthcare services.