Big Pillow Lavas, Clouds and Calm Seas

Dredging is going great and so far every basket has recovered lava rocks–some very big (see photos below) and some smaller, some very young and glassy, and some older and weathered. We also had a short break from the heat yesterday morning during Charlie’s and Iker’s watch, thanks to briefly overcast skies. Big pillows, martial arts, deck banter and big smiles once the job is done!


Two large pillow lavas stuck in the crown of the basket and more in the net.


Struggling to move the huge lavas off the deck.  Uh, we probably need a bigger hand truck!


A triumphant Scott and a big pillow lava.


Iker wielding the tag line recovery pole – like a martial arts move.


Charlie displaying his perfectly tied bowline.


Iker strongly disagrees that Charlie is faster on the tag line but Charlie seems confident that he is faster.


One more dredge deployed. Got any more?!


Debbie making sure the ropes are kept ship-shape.  As Josh said, “Debbie is salty” –  indeed!