Our Last Post!

We arrived in San Diego early Saturday morning, and its been a whirlwind of warm welcomes and poignant goodbyes – after what all of us agree was an experience of a lifetime.  Sharing some final photos:


As we were nearing San Diego Friday, we were welcomed by a large pod of dolphins happy to show us the way (now that I’m on land, I finally have the bandwidth to upload a video!)

The night before we reached port, we took a final group photo (note our logo on the monitor)


Sunrise as we near San Diego.


Nearing the harbor!


Shortly after we arrived in port, a group of middle school students visited the ship – Captain Dave had arranged their visit in advance so that they could learn about ocean science and marine technology.
Emily explaining to the students what we did at sea.


A budding oceanographer happily examining one of the lavas we collected at sea.


And last but not least, a final photo outside the Harbor Town Pub where we hosted the crew to thank them for all their hard work (Debbie had an early flight to catch). Note our fabulous T-shirts with our logo!


Thank you all for following our adventure.