We Are on A Dredge Roll!

Our 11-day dredging schedule started immediately after the rescue and, so far, we have had successful dredges from the East Pacific Rise and Segments 2 and 3 of the Cocos-Nazca spreading center (see Scientific Background). Some samples were so big that we had to use a crow bar to get them out of the dredge basket. However, we do some delicate work here, as well! Despite the use of a chisel and a hammer, chipping glass samples off of the glass rind of the pillows requires the finesse of sculpting. Stitching burlap bags to line the dredge basket also requires delicate workmanship (come back in the next few days for everything you ever wanted to know about dredging).  We admit that the “needle” may not seem as delicate but the result often produces fine work.

Scott and Jim prying big samples out of the basket
Scott and Jim “prying” from every angle!
Charlie and Iker “sculpting” (chipping class off of a pillow lava).
Sewing burlap bags for the dredge baskets.
Cotter pins have many uses–need a needle?!
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Nice job, Iker!