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Free Day: Sentosa!
by -- February 27th, 2010

A day of relaxation on some of Singapore’s most popular beaches!

So yesterday (2/20) was our free day here in Singapore.  A few of us had been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to explore the popular Sentosa island in the south.  The group consisted of myself, Jazmin, Nick, Alli, Kasey, and Halle.  We were later joined by Tiff and Jo.

The day started with sleeping in.. until 8:30 :). We met for breakfast in the hotel at 9:30, and ventured out soon after.  The trip to Sentosa was a bit interesting.  We originally chose the 15 minute walk over the bridge, assuming it was free.  Lesson #1 in Singapore= don’t assume it’s free.  As we approached the bridge, we encountered a counter collecting two dollars from each person in order to allow them to walk over the bridge.  Seeing this, we quickly opted for the three-dollar monorail trip.

Once on the island, we chose to go directly toward the beaches.  Someone here described Sentosa as Singapore’s Disneyland, and they weren’t completely off.  There were plenty of tourist shops, restaurants, and attractions.  However, the beaches were open access and surprisingly not crowded.  We unpacked towels, snacks and plenty of water.

Buired in the Sand

Buired in the Sand

As the sun slowly baked us, we enjoyed discussing all that we had seen and learned over our first days in Singapore.  We swam in the water, and buried Nick in the
sand.  Kasey and I also took a break to visit the famous Merlion.



Aside from some of us coming back sunburned, the day was absolutely excellent.

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