About the Trip

Singapore is a fascinating combination of human ecology, tropical diversity, disturbed habitats and invasive species. Within the boundaries of the city state of Singapore, one can go from patches of primary rain forest to housing estates, industrial complexes, one of the world’s largest ports and thousands of introduced species interlaced with multicultural assemblage of citizens. Singapore should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for increase in relative country size due to reclaimed land. It is within this biological and social context that this experiential field oriented seminar will be conducted. Students will experience how this city state has worked to maintain and enhance the quality of life and environmental education of its citizens while radically modifying its environment and intentionally and unintentionally introducing thousands of species.

While in Singapore, the participants will be loosely affiliated with the School of Design and Environment of the National University of Singapore (http://www.sde.nus.edu.sg/).  Students will choose a research topic on some aspect of environmental policy and management of Singapore prior to arrival in Singapore, and will present the results of their inquiries after return to the US.  The course requires emotional and physical stability, cultural sensitivity, patience and persistence to fully reveal its wonders. The research will culminate in a presentation to the class on April 7 and 8 when the class returns to Beaufort.

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