Welcome To Singapore! Day One of the Sojourn

I suppose day one ought to start with official class activities but who can leave out the 2 days spent in airports and on planes before arriving to Singapore. With children whining, mothers scolding, and many a luggage case whirring by, the ambiance of the travel experience is one that comes with mixed emotions. Saddened to an extent because of the close quarters and long flights with worries of lost luggage, but excited for the adventures to come.

Our first official day started with a meeting at 2pm (that’s 2 am EST for those of you reading back home) in the dining hall of our new home for three weeks, the Pasir Panjang Inn. After brief introductions and a breakdown of the syllabus we were off to our first adventure, with our public transportation cards in hand we hopped aboard a double decker bus in pursuit of happiness, a happiness which we found in Chinatown.

With bright colors, wonderful smells, and vendors beckoning it was obvious we had entered into a major hub of tourist attractions. After walking through what seemed like a maze, we found what Dr. Dan assured us was where the locals ate, a nice area filled with different restaurants waiting to appease our empty bellies. After eating, shopping, and a bit more exploration we headed back to the Inn. As I sit here writing in my room, I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring on our “Sojourn in Singapore”, but if today is a harbinger of the weeks to come I am certainly looking forward to it .

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Singapore! Day One of the Sojourn

  1. Very lovely, think, and quite an experiece I would say. Be careful and observant of the culture and climate. Sending you much love, peace and blessings from both myself and above.

    1. I’am with you in prayer have a wonderful time and as the sign said stay calm in Jesus love you enjoy!!!

  2. I am so glad your blog popped up on my Facebook feed! I was an undergraduate who traveled to Singapore Spring of 2010. I still think of the trip often and know that Singapore remains my favorite place that I have visited. Please enjoy it so much! I miss it! Tell Drs. Dan and Orbach I say hello. Can’t wait to read more!

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