Culebra – (Sun., Apr. 24) – Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Today was our first official day in Culebra (Koo-leh-brah).

It was an absolutely beautiful Easter! Samantha and Andy started their day quite early with a six-mile run, including lots of hills and the warm temperature of Culebra (Whew).  During their run, they saw many fauna including chickens, horses, deer (yes, the white tailed kind) and peacocks.  They said it was a great way to see the island.  

Zoni beach where we found some leatherback nests.

After their return, we all ate breakfast (cliff bars) and headed off to Zoni beach to snorkel and catch some rays.  This beach is home to a few leatherback nests, which Katie was so excited about! (She actually ran to them as soon as she saw them)  Once settled on the beach, we all took out snorkeling where we saw many things including green sea turtles, hawksbill turtles, parrotfish, reef squid and lots of coral.  Within this snorkeling site, it was interesting to note the distinct separation of sea grass and coral reefs.  We stayed here till about lunchtime and then headed to Flamenco beach. 

Flamenco beach- ranked the 2nd most beautiful beach in the world!

Flamenco beach, as we learned, is the second prettiest beach in the world!!  We had lunch at various venders located on the beach, which mainly included chicken salad sandwiches and rice/beans.   After lunch we headed to the beach.  It definitely lived up to its name; the water was crystal clear and had a distinct light and dark blue contrast (just like in the screen saver!).   Some immediately went out to see what the reefs had to offers while others relaxed on the beach.  Here, we saw 2 hawksbill turtles and many tropical fish. 

Steph and Jesse enjoying Flamenco beach.

We then headed home to start the shower process (11 girls sharing 2 showers is sometimes difficult!).  Once all showered, we went into town to eat at Mamacitas, located right on the water.  The food was great but the desserts were even better!  We discovered that chocolate pie and peanut butter pie are better mixed than eaten alone.  Other favorites were key lime pie, berry cobbler and khalua cake.  


We ended the night with beach patrol on Zoni beach looking for potential leatherback nesters.  Unfortunately, after 3 hours of patrolling we didn’t have any luck, but we’re hoping for success later in the week! 

Hope everyone had a great Easter! We would like to make a shout out to all of our family and friends back home.  We miss you all! 


Samantha and Angie

Group picture at Flamenco beach.