Ready, set, jump! When will you go canyoning?

I heard about canyoning for the first time this past semester during the wildlife film festival hosted by the Nicholas School. I thought those people were crazy. Why would you voluntarily jump into water just feet away from sharp rocks?!

Well…my curiosity and adventurous spirit got the best of me and I went canyoning while visiting Interlaken, Switzerland this weekend with six of my courageous friends.

I loved every second of the 3 hour excursion.

While strapped into a wet suit, wet suit jacket, harness, life jacket, and helmet, I descended into two canyons. When we reached our first rapel our guides asked who out of the 12 of us wanted to go first. I responded quickly, “I’ll go, I’ll go first.” I’m not sure if it was the glacial cold water that was motivating me but once I was hanging off of the cliff I felt nothing except the hard rock against my feet and all I heard was the sound of the roaring water beneath me.

I trusted my feet and our guides and thus my experience was a success!

All of us driving up to the canyon
Getting pumped hiking to the top. Never underestimate how hard it is to hike in the heat in a wet suit!
Our entry into the canyon on our way to the first rapel
Down I go! All I had to do was lean back, step back, and keep my body horizontal as I descended. Most importantly, I trusted our guide to hold the rope.
No fear going down
Hands up!
My first jump
This was the hardest jump. We were over 30 feet in the air with rocks surrounding us on all sides. I continued my role of jumping first and I’m happy I did! Don’t think, just jump and trust yourself.
All of us celebrating that we made it past the highest jump!
Belly flop! Our other jumps were nothing compared to the one above.
My superman jump into the second canyon.

For a look at my full experience…check out the video below! I have every intention of going canyoning again.


Click on this link here if the video above does not load.