A week ago, I moved one of the cameras.

It had collected great photographs at one of the waterholes, but I noticed that the animals were a bit far away. In the event that it captured a large carnivore, I feared the resolution would be too poor to identify the individual. So I shifted the camera forward a few meters. This meant that I reduced the field of view, but I thought it was a worthwhile trade if it meant capturing a clearer image of a leopard.

I moved it just in time. Two days later, an adult female leopard came for a drink. The view from the opposing camera shows how the leopard’s path carries it straight past the camera’s new location.


A camera-trap captures an adult female leopard coming for a drink at a waterhole on the Neuras Wine & Wildlife Estate.


Looks like I got that one just right.

There was only one problem: I forgot to turn the camera back on.


3 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Interesting to read your posts about your field work at Neuras. We (my husband and me) were in Namibia for 18 days, travelled there and visited Naankuse for 4 days. At the same time visited our daughter who is there for 6 months. She hopes to visit Neuras as well. Must be exciting when you capture the leopards. I guess you will make such a ‘mistake’ only once. I bet you went right back the moment you had the chance!
    Groetjes ( from The Netherlands)

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