Cosme the Great

Several pounds and hundreds of tortillas later we’re back in North Carolina fondly remembering our trip to Sonora, Mexico.  I’ve been contemplating the topic on which I’d like to blog and while those excellent two weeks were filled with unforgettable memories of whales, dolphins, birds, sea lions, cacti, and a few scorpions, I can’t help but remember the countless individuals who made our trip possible. I’d love to write about them all but in the interest of keeping your attention, I will stick to one person who kept us safe on the water and captured our hearts. Cosme the Great.

He is, in fact, great. Cosme is a native of Kino and has been a fisherman in the area most of his life.  Cosme taught us about life at sea and showed us historical and current fishing areas for certain species. In addition, Cosme and his wife Monica – affectionately known as Moni and equally great – taught us the art of a fish taco and more importantly homemade tortillas. You can read more about this culinary experience here.

Cosme, who now works with Prescott College, served as our capitan for most of the trip. His jokes and his kind manner are on par with his seafaring abilities. He is charming, and he’s the only person I know who can pull off the Chuck Norris mullet spectacularly! He’s proud of the resemblance – see photo. Gracias, Cosme!