Best photos from the best trip!

Everyone’s top 3 photos.


Some of the little hermit crabs in the tide pools on the north side of Tiburon Island.

Caitlin 2

Sunrise over the mountains at our campsite on Tiburon Island.
After the Seri sang some of their songs, people mingled and chilled by the camp fire.


Nari multi-tasking: reading our discussion paper and hula hooping.
An osprey carrying a branch back to the nest.
Blue-footed boobies.


Callo fishermen working in the Infernillo channel.
View of the Infernillo channel from Punta Chueca.
View of Guaymas and our boat.



Part our class on the panga Johanna arriving at the Seri campsite.
Saguaro cactus that takes up to 100 years to grow one side arm.
Blue-footed boobies.


Birds of Tiburon.
Boys fishing near the campsite.
Saylor, the callo fishing panga.


Sperm whale dives off the southern coast of Tiburon Island

Sperm whale dives off the southern coast of Tiburon Island
Harvesting callos (pen shells)
Can You See Me Now?


Clautilde, one of the Seri elders.
View from our campsite on Tiburon Island.
Silhouettes of sea lions on San Pedro Nolasco during sunset.


The most important part of the kitchen- where all the magic happens.
It was amazing how many bones were present on the beaches on Tiburon Island and how much the types varied (fish, turtle, mammal, bird).
This is a hollow sphere covered in spiny branches built by a cactus wren as a nest I found in the desert while we were camping.