Garden Party, Planning for Produce at the Divinity School

This Tuesday is the election day. If you haven’t already, I hope you will vote.

This Wednesday is a Garden Party at the Divinity School. If you’re at Duke, I hope you will attend.


Important note: Since this is a dinner seminar, you must RSVP to reserve your seat and meal!

The Divinity School is planning a garden for the balcony space outside of the cafe and the adjacent grounds. This effort is being spearheaded by the Div School’s Creation Matters student group. Dr. Will Hooker, permaculturalist and NC State professor in landscape architecture, provided a consultation for this effort. Currently, the balcony and adjacent grounds are somewhat barren and bland. This project is attempting to lift up the physical space of the Divinity School to reflect and embody the theological discourse on Creation spoken inside of the Div School’s walls.

The Garden Party is being hosted by Duke Conservation Society in collaboration with Creation Matters and is intended to gather students from the Nicholas School of the Environment and the Divinity School to raise awareness of this event and to allow connections across these departments. Students, staff, and faculty from other departments are also invited.


Dr. Norman Wirzba of Duke Divinity and the Nicholas School of the Environment and Dr. Saskia Cornes of Duke Campus Farm will be speaking about how this project fits into the context of related work in the contexts of the Divinity School and the wider University.

It is my hope that new connections can be formed between these two schools and other projects like this one will take root.