Where do you find inspiration?

In my previous post, I wrote about how numbers and graphs don’t make people care – people make people care. To make people care about nature, to conserve the earth’s beautiful and valuable resources, we have to show people just how beautiful and valuable the earth is.

eno issue 2 cover

eno Literary Magazine does just that through its publication of art and literature about nature. eno is published once a year and showcases poems, photographs, essays, and artwork that were inspired by each creator’s experiences in nature.  By sharing these experiences, eno inspires an appreciation for natural places the reader may never get to visit in person – a virgin forest at sunrise or an underwater maze of corals. Because of this communication, you can develop an awe and respect for nature, and a connection to something much greater than yourself.

Be a part of this experience. Share your appreciation for nature with others by submitting your nature-inspired artwork, photography, and writing to eno. Writing can include poems, short first-person narratives, or short stories. For more information visit http://www.enomag.org/submissions/.