Little Bird and Magnificent Skies

Today we are going to share with you the story of Joe and a small bird (probably a storm petrel)  with some selected photos of the numerous clouds and sunsets we have observed so far.

Last Saturday morning, just after breakfast, Travis (one of the crew members) told the science party that there was a little bird suffering near the door separating the Main Lab and the vessel’s stern.
“It looks like it needs water”, Travis said.
“Coming”, Joe responded quickly while the others in the main lab were looking for the location of the bird.
Once found, it was clear the poor bird was absolutely terrified. As most of us went to sleep shortly thereafter – we’ve had our share of late nights – we didn’t know what happen to the bird. As it turns out, the night shift (12 am to 8 am) fed the petrel a healthy selection of pine nuts, ritz crackers, and flax seed. Full to the brim, the petrel took off into the warm pacific air the following morning. We’re convinced the little guy (or gal!) just needed a place to relax for 24 hours!

Joe bringing water to the little bird.


Sun halo photographed from below the ship’s stack



The clouds just above the horizon show a wave crest-like feature. Dominik suspects that it might show the Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability in water vapor.


It seems like this bird is emerging from behind the clouds.


Help us identify these clouds. Sara thinks we have some stratocumulus below a layer of altocumulus (she got a cheat sheet from the bridge)!
The A-frame watches another sunset
A lot of us were out on the deck to watch this sunset, thanks to Debbie. Note the Sun rays going towards the sky.


And lastly a beautiful sunset captured by crew member, Tom Szmagalski. Thanks for sharing, Tom!


Thanks for all of your help with this post, Gabby!