Palmer station (Wed., 5/6/09) – Underwater Leopard Seal Video

Dave managed to take some spectacular underwater video of two leopard seals

On May 6th, Dave  used our underwater video camera to get some amazing footage of leopard seals swimming next to their Zodiac as they were sitting next to a small iceberg.  One of the seals was just polishing off a fish dinner as it approached their Zodiac.


3 thoughts on “Palmer station (Wed., 5/6/09) – Underwater Leopard Seal Video

  1. Leopard Seal dance

    Hi Dave and Andy
    Evan, Connor and I loved this video and…the Music was good too!!
    What a wonderful adventure you are sharing… keep the videos comming.

  2. Leopard Seals

    Fantastic footage! I really enjoyed watching them. I hope you were in the boat!

  3. Jack Nowacek’s class

    Our class really enjoyed the video of the leopard seals. Absolutely amazing footage!
    Melodie Willis

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