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King’s Canyon: Sunrise

Sunrise over the Pantamints.

Sunrise photos from King's Canyon National Park.

Adventure Science

Adventure Science. This became our motto as my first 14 day stream sampling hitch progressed. After […]

5 Books that Inspired My Love of Nature

books 1

Looking for an easy summer reading list? Here are five books that inspired my love of nature as a kid.

Gazing at your lawn on a summer afternoon

For nearly all of us, today’s obsession with the perfect, park-like lawn is a waste of time and money and bad for the environment.

City Lights and All-Night Robins

American Robin fledgling.

Erika is kept awake by an American Robin affected by urban light pollution.

PhD Pudding


In three months I will transform from a Blue Devil to a Cardinal as I begin my PhD at the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford University (E-IPER). It took three rounds of applying to PhD programs over a span of 7 years to finally be accepted.

World Oceans Day, Capitol Hill Oceans Week, and National Oceans Month

The oceans drive life on Earth. The perpetual cycle of erosion and deposition has shaped our planet […]

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