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Let there be light

Last year, we installed 6.2 kW of panels at our house in Maine, and we have not been disappointed.

An Integrated Labyrinth and Columbarium Design

  R.E. Lee Memorial Church in Lexington, Virginia has a quite well done Labyrinth directly behi […]

Elwha River: Restoration and Recreation

This past weekend I had the opportunity to raft the Elwha River. The Elwha may be familiar to even t […]

Valuing the Wetspot

Beyond aesthetics and the intangible value of nature, wetlands also provide real economic value to our property.

Redefining salt marsh research: Are coastal wetlands end members or part of a continuum?

How should we think about coastal wetlands? Are coastal wetlands endmembers or discrete ecosystems? Or are they components of a larger system?

Appreciating the Black Vulture

Photo by Erika Zambello

Let’s face it, vultures get a bad rap. North Carolina is home to both Turkey Vultures and Blac […]

Sometimes You Have to Bird in the Rain

outer banks, trail, boardwalk, birding

Erika birds through the rain to see her first Prothonotary Warbler.

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