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The Missing Sink

Growing forests remove CO2 from the atmosphere, mitigating the global warming problem brought on by fossil fuel combustion.

New beginnings

While studying abroad in South Africa with the Organisation for Tropical Studies, I reflect on the news of Homo naledi and the evolution of humankind.

What is a Water?

A quarry on the Eno River in Durham.

How can we translate between water and regulatory decisions when water speaks so many languages?

Food Miles

Some types of food can be grown more efficiently overseas and shipped to the point of use, with less overall energy use.

Can We Act with Both Passion and Compassion?

USDA Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden calls for "passion and compassion" in incorporating environmental practices into agriculture. We certainly are a passionate bunch but how are we doing on the compassion scale?

Moloka’i: Sneaky Wild

Trent Hodges surfs Halawa Bay.

A week in Hawaii.

Moonshine and Earthshine

Measures of Earthshine suggest that about 30% of the Sunlight that the Earth receives is reflected back to space.

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