Tagging Whales in the Antarctic Seas

Almost home…

  We’re on our way home. A week ago the Gould arrived at Palmer Station and we were reunited with Dave, Ari […]

A Little More Antarctic Wildlife

  One of the best things about working down here in the Antarctic is the abundance and approachability of wildlife. […]

Finally Some Penguins!

    If you have been following the blog you have probably been wondering when I was going to get […]

Meanwhile, on the L.M. Gould

  While we have been sampling whales and mapping krill around Palmer Station, Ari and Dave have been aboard the […]

Hermit Island

  Over the last three weeks Zach and I have spent almost all of our time at sea level, chasing […]

Life in a Zodiac

  Zach and I spend most of our working days here at Palmer Station bobbing around whales in our trusty […]

Big Whale – Tiny Sample

  We can learn a huge amount about the whales we study from minute samples of skin and superficial blubber. […]

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