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Matt Fuller

Matt Fuller
Matt Fuller is pursuing his doctoral degree at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment as a part of Martin Doyle’s Lab. Matt’s current research pursues the understanding of river fragmentation at local and regional scales. To do this, his research takes a landscape genetics approach that combines gene flow simulations and empirical estimation of freshwater mussel population genetic divergence across large and small spatial extents. These methods should help tease apart the individual and cumulative impacts of barriers to aquatic species movement in river networks. Immediately prior to his attendance at Duke, Matt was employed as an environmental consultant in New England working with watershed and lake associations to develop best management plans for their water bodies. Additionally, Matt was involved in renewable energy development and power transmission projects (e.g., permit preparation for the Cape Wind offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound). Before working as a consultant, Matt received a M.S. in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Limnology and conducted research on the geomorphology/hydrology impacts of beaver ponds on stream ecosystems from the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in the Colorado Rockies. His undergraduate degree (B.S. in Biology with a concentration in ecology and evolution) was completed at Cornell University while conducting research on the impact of deforestation on temperate (New Zealand) and tropical (Tanzania) stream food webs. When Matt is not thinking about his research, he can be found playing ice hockey/soccer/Ultimate Frisbee, brewing beer, or exploring the outdoors hiking and backpacking.

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