About Anastasia

AnastasiaQuintana_profilepic]Anastasia Quintana is a California-born basketball player, coffee-drinker, artist, and PhD student in the Nicholas School of the Environment studying under Xavier Basurto. After some years studying marine parasite ecology with Ana Elisa Garcia in the lab of Armand Kuris and Kevin Lafferty at UCSB, she has now leaped headfirst from parasites to people. Always an environmentalist, she felt that there was a disconnect between environmental outcomes and the results predicted from a solely ecological worldview. Using critical social science methods, she now studies how information affects community governance of fisheries and other environmental resources. She is particularly interested in collective action, equitable governance, and environmental justice.

Anastasia thinks that humans are fascinating, and is always interested in adding more data to her understanding of human interactions, behaviors, preferences, etc. So, she invites you to grab a coffee and chat (or hotly debate) with her any time!