2-hour audio interview about brain networks and social networks

Hi all,

I’m posting a quick note here that I was on the air on the Princeton University radio station this week, and the link to the interview is below:


Example of a graph of an air-travel network, from Stevie's website (linked above).
Example of a graph of an air-travel network, from Stevie’s website (linked above).

The host is Stevie Bergman, PhD student at Princeton University, who hosts a show called “These Vibes Are Too Cosmic”. Her show features interviews with scientists, mixed with (excellent) music that she discovers. If you’re interested, click on the link, and scroll down to the audio clip! The audio is 2 hours long, and the first hour-ish is an interview with my good friend, Elizabeth Davison, who is a PhD student at Princeton in the engineering department studying brains using network theory. Then, the last hour-ish is an interview with me, talking about applying networks to our study of fisheries.

I’m very confident that you will learn something new…enjoy!