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The Senate Takes on America’s Energy Future: On Pipelines, Posturing and Politics

by Bill Chameides
May 7, 2014

“Fair is foul and foul is fair,” it is said. Which is which in a proposed Senatorial horse-trade — a Keystone Xl pipeline in return for energy efficiency.

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A Little Tar on Obama’s ‘All of the Above’ Energy Strategy?

Oil sands mine
by Bill Chameides
Feb 21, 2014

Have you heard the one about the United States producing oil from tar sands? Some joke, huh?

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A Tar Sands Byproduct: Mountains of Coke

by Bill Chameides
May 20, 2013

What rhymes with Keystone XL and petroleum coke?

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Keystone Pipeline: Environmental Impact Statement Revisited

by Bill Chameides
Apr 4, 2013

Officials at TransCanada insist that their proposed Keystone XL pipeline is environmentally safe. Current events suggest otherwise.

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Obama and Keystone XL: The Moment of Truth?

Mining tar sands to generate oil* is already decimating Canadian landscapes. Now the U.S. is weighing whether to approve a pipeline that would allow this fuel to flow to Gulf Coast refineries along a path that could imperil important Midwest water sources. On top of all that is what the project would mean for the climate. NWFblogs on Flickr
by Bill Chameides
Jan 30, 2013

President Obama will soon have to decide whether he will be the “all of the above” president or the “respond to climate change” president.

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The Carbon Footprint of Oil Sands Oil

Mining operations in Alberta’s tar sands. (Photo by David Dodge, The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society |
by Bill Chameides
Mar 26, 2012

How large? Some say really large, for *peat’s* sake.

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Obama ‘Takes Stand,’ Rules Against the Keystone XL Pipeline

by Bill Chameides
Jan 20, 2012

Separating the substance from the rhetoric and symbolism.

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News on the Environment Over the Holidays

by Bill Chameides
Jan 5, 2012

Welcome back to a new year. Here’s a look at a few recent environmental happenings.

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Obama: A No-Go on Ozone

A Marcellus Shale gas pad. As fracking becomes the industry standard to extract natural gas from shale rock, people want to know what chemicals are used in the process. Halliburton's new product seems aimed at assuring safety. But questions remain.
by Bill Chameides
Sep 6, 2011

A tactical retreat or an abdication?

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The Keystone XL Pipeline: A Tar Sands Folly?

Should the State Department approve the final stages of the Keystone pipeline, or is there already enough pipeline to meet our needs? (Image by rcbodden @flickr:
by Bill Chameides
Jul 26, 2011

Hillary Clinton is in the tar sands hot seat. Is she asking the right questions?

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