Mandai Mangroves!

The muddy night of Feb 18th

At the time of this writing it is around 3 days till our trip in S’pore is over; it came and went like an awesome whirlwind. Still, I think it would be a pity to leave this blog hanging, and although I don’t have it in me (too tired or too busy editing photos) to make the writing interesting or put ethos into it, I still want to very basically document the happenings.

SO, on the very notable and memorable night of the 18th, the group went out to the Mandai Mangroves, a small and somewhat pitiful (lots of trash) plot of mangrove forest and some of the last left in Singapore.  As with many things that have happened on this trip, it was mainly for the experience and to see what we could find.  Well, we found out it’s pretty hard traversing through mangrove forests:

What smells like sulfur and sinks like quicksand? Mangrove mud!

We got better as the night went on, and we started to see more as it grew darker too! There were many arthropods, mostly crabs (LOTS of crabs, everywhere you step actually).  A small snake made things interesting. And also some snails and slugs!

Tree Climbing Crab
Tree Climbing Crab
In the River
The entire group! And a reminder of how developed Singapore is. We were lucky to have any mangroves to explore at all!

A nearby gas station was kind enough to let us rinse our feet off afterwards.