Are you there God?

The temple walk 2/20

To take a step away from the biology and towards the anthropology, Dr. Orbach led a pretty fascinating temple walk.  There was chanting in Buddhist temples, burnings and offerings in Taoist temples, and locked doors on mosques.  Actually, this was also a harsh reminder of how quickly Singapore changes.  We arrived at an area where we thought a mosque would be, or so the map indicated… But the area was already paved over with concrete.

One interesting point that was brought up was the trend from portraying gods as earthy, animal creatures when humans understood less and had less control of the natural world… to portraying gods as humanoids or even just human forms with supernatural abilities as we dominated and altered that very world.

Buddhist Temple Shrine
Temple Carving
The Taoist temple had no deities, but a lot of carving like this one, of tigers and dragons and such.