A little mud!

We start the day today at 8AM, a little early for most considering the past two quest days. This time we’re taking a bus to mount ritchie, so we can sit back and relax for a good 20 minutes. Some of us are more tired than others.

We get to mount ritchie and are met with the cutest monkeys. One is eating someone’s bike seat, some are cradling a baby monkey, and a group is chillin at the top of a metal roof. We aren’t fools, though. Pulau Ubin reminds us they can be little menaces so we stay back-ish.

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the water is still, and I feel at peace. We run into a falling tree and I’m not sure why they decided to save this one but cut the others. They made a whole little warning aisle and warning signs to make sure people don’t bump their heads on it.

Nature’s beauty doesn’t last for long though; we walk through our first muddy trail.  Maybe I’m shallow though. Mud is nature and so mud is beautiful in its own way… to someone… #lol It’s funny to me because I always called myself a hiking/nature type of girl but I just wish I didn’t have to prove that today with mud – I wasn’t ready. Here are my shoes at the end of it:

We were supposed to go to the tree top before visiting but silly ‘ol Tom didn’t check if it was open today. Gwendy saw a bulletin board stating that the tree top was indeed closed on mondays. Tom went to scope it out and yup, it was closed. The group split up and I made the challenging decision to not go to Bukit Timah. You can consult those who went if you’re interested in knowing how the hike went but I went to the mount ritchie reservoir with the cool kids. Less mud for me (and stairs). After confirming with Nick, it seems we spotted an Equatorial Spitting Cobra. We crowded around it at first look, without a care in the world about our safety. It was my first snake on the trip so I was real excited to take a look.

We walked some more, eventually led by Laura from the bus station to the al-azhar restaurant. And like the punctual kids we are, we arrived 15 minutes earlier than everyone who went to Bukit Timah. As a well-deserved reward, we got some milk tea. It was good, but they put too much ice in the cup. I finished the tea quicker than I should have. Four stars.

The red-faced group finally joined us and Tom welcomed us with two lovely pieces of information.

1- Big Father Duke would be paying for our lunch #yay

2- We’re going to Malaysia afterall .. at 5AM… with the rest of the day to finish our presentations … (eh, decent trade-off for a pretty beach)

I ate pretty good and I think everyone else did too. I peeped the other table got some cake (why did I not think of that?). Kaylee had a huge fish that didn’t fit her plate. I thought that was funny.

Famished, I decide to join Erika to go to Chinatown. I desperately needed to get some souvenirs for the fam. Forgot the batteries I was supposed to get for my dive light but Kathryn was clutch and got me them later (shoutout!). On the way back from Haw Par Villa, Erika and I found Misa and we took these selfies.

I had some work to get done 1. Presentation 2. This blog

Here is me doing it. Later I think I’ll get Mr Bean for dinner and then fall asleep dreaming about everyone liking my blog. Ok bye!