Author: Suzanne Ou

I’m a graduating junior majoring in Biology and Environmental Science and Policy. Born and raised in Singapore, At heart, I'm a tropical animal and South-East Asia will always remain home regardless of the current biome I inhabit. In my free time, I can be found developing my wildlife photography skills or indoor climbing at the cost of forsaking homework. I spent a summer in Costa Rica, a semester studying abroad in South Africa, and a semester at the Duke Marine Lab. In the future, I hope to remain in the field for graduate studies.
Suzanne Ou
climate, conservation, environmental economics, students

Paul Ehrlich: Surviving the Sixth Mass Extinction

When it was published in 1968, The Population Bomb, written by Dr. Paul Ehrlich, brought global awareness of the problems of our burgeoning human population. Last week, the Nicholas School was treated to a lecture by the author himself, tackling on mass extinction and the environmental consequences of continual economic growth.

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