Author: Kendra Kaiser

Kendra moved to Duke with the mass migration of the McGlynn lab from Montana State University in 2012, and has been chasing after PhD enlightenment while dreaming of adventure in far away places ever since. She truly fell in love with the outdoors when she moved to Montana to be a raft guide on the Yellowstone River. After a summer spent exploring Paradise Valley, she transferred to Montana State where she received a B.S. in Environmental Biology & Soil and Water Science. Undergraduate research in the McGlynn lab opened her eyes to the beauty (and turmoil) of fieldwork and research in the Little Belt Mountains, MT. Her research interests revolve around how topography and water redistribution influence ecological patterns on the landscape, this started with the distribution of trees affected by the Mountain Pine Beetle, and is currently focused on greenhouse gas fluxes from soils. Exploring novel ways to bring our science to a larger community is at the forefront of her tools for procrastination, followed by kayaking, biking and most everything outdoors.