Author: Erin Seybold

Erin Seybold joined the River Center in 2012 as a PhD student in the McGlynn lab. Her love of environmental research and biogeochemistry started during her undergraduate studies at St. Olaf College, where she spent summers studying nutrient dynamics in Siberian streams with the Polaris Project. After graduating with a B.A. in Biology and Environmental Science, she conducted research as a Fulbright Scholar in Norway studying microbially mediated methane cycling in high latitude peatlands. Her research explores how energy, nutrients, and water move through streams and watersheds across many kinds of environments - from temperate to alpine to arctic streams. Her current research is based in Montana and is focused on understanding carbon cycling in headwater streams. In addition to her passion for all things aquatic, Erin is an avid runner and yoga enthusiast, lover of travel, being outdoors and a good cup of coffee.