About the Trip

Trip Dates: January 7-18, 2014

This course will introduce a blend of traditional and emerging approaches to marine conservation and development in a small island context and explore how different methods play out in practice. Most of the course will be taught in Palau, where we will meet traditional chiefs, fishers, state governors, NGO practitioners, scientists, politicians, and officials at the highest levels of government to hear their perspectives on contemporary marine conservation in Palau – and the factors that make policy different from practice. We will focus on the theory and practice of marine conservation and development issues, as exemplified by four case studies: traditional marine management; marine protected areas; conservation of protected species; and ecotourism.

The second portion of the course will be held at the Duke Marine Lab. Drawing from our field experience, we will continue to read about and discuss the case study topics. Students will lead group discussions based on the literature and our recent field experiences. We will draw from the Palauan experience to think broadly and critically about marine conservation and development policy and practice.

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