Nature’s Reclamation of the Land: A photo blog

With camera in hand and the whole city of Durham at the edge of my lens, I recently set out to capture nature’s reclamation of the land in hidden spots throughout the city. Originally stumbling upon an abandoned railroad off Geer Street, I couldn’t help but notice the dramatic dichotomy of tree roots shooting from the ground, as if the metal rail lines were but an obstacle to the sky. So effortlessly, vines overtook, roots adapted and trunks persisted. In efforts to capture moments of nature’s reclamation, the following photo blog is the result.

Abandoned railroad off of Geer St.
Vines reclaim old car

2 thoughts on “Nature’s Reclamation of the Land: A photo blog

  1. Beautiful illustrations of how our human contrivances are insignificant in the face of unstoppable nature.

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