Theory to Practice Time!

So this week has been very busy. The panels, tanks, heat exchanger, wood, piping, fittings, and the rest of our building materials have finally arrived! DSCF3432

We borrowed a welder, a carpenter, and a backhoe from the nearby naval base and with the help of some great dive interns we now have a completed stand for the solar panels!
Small Hope Construction

Today, we are cementing together the cold water manifolds for the tanks and learning to sweat copper!
Small Hope Construction 2

2 thoughts on “Theory to Practice Time!

  1. Michelle,

    It is looking very nice. You have done a lot since we were there a month ago.

    You and the Duke Team should be proud of the work.


    1. Hi Gordie,

      Thanks so much for reading! I am still amazed at how fast time has flown by and eager to see the system up and running! We have exactly 2 weeks to get this thing off the ground so its coming down to crunch time. I will be sure to keep you updated and see you back in NC! Send my best to the family!


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