Interning at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland – Summer 2011

During the summer, I will complete an internship at the United Nations Environmental Program’s (UNEP) Mercury Partnership. The overall goal of the Global Mercury Partnership is to protect human health and the global environment from the release of mercury and its compounds by minimizing and, where feasible, ultimately eliminating global, anthropogenic mercury releases into the air, water, and land. The parties of the UN are currently engaged in a negotiation process that was initiated in 2009 and is on target to conclude in February 2013 with a legally binding instrument on mercury. My duties will be to review the National Strategic Action Plan Guidance Document for ASGM and develop ASGM Options Document on Financing for nations wishing to act aggressively on this issue. While I am not working at the UN, I plan on gallivanting off into the Swiss Alps or quaint towns surrounding Geneva for a few day trips.

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