Author: Justin Kirkpatrick

Justin Kirkpatrick is a rising second year MEM in the Economics and Policy track focusing on economic and statistical analysis of environmental policies in newly-industrialized economies, and on community environmental management through the Environmental Impact Reporting process. After receiving his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning with a specialty in City and Regional Planning from the University of California – Davis, he worked as a freelance environmental consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area, preparing Environmental Impact Reports for a variety of industrial and residential projects. During this time, he established a quantitative means of determining thresholds for significance for lighting impacts, and specialized in luminance-accurate photo simulations. Growing up near the beach in southern California inspired Justin’s love of the environment, but it was a proposed commercial development that would have removed a grove of trees near his home that motivated Justin to study the policies and methods in which societies value and manage their natural environments. As a musician, he has toured the US multiple times, but he credits his frequent international travel for his desire to work within the global community to address the environmental issues inherent in industrialization and economic development.