Author: Christy Ihlo

Christy Ihlo just completed her first year as an MEM in the Ecosystem Science and Conservation Concentration. She received a B.S. in biology with a minor in marine biology from the University of Tampa in 2001. While an undergraduate, she interned for Lowry Park Zoo in their primate department and was awarded a fellowship with Toledo Zoo’s Karner Blue Butterfly Project. In 2006, she joined the husbandry team at the Georgia Aquarium and spent five years gaining experience with aquatic animal care. Christy became increasingly interested in biodiversity conservation and decided to expand her education at the Nicholas School to gain the practical skills needed as a conservation practitioner. At Duke, she is a member of the Big Cats Initiative Intern team and serves on the board of the Duke Conservation Society. Christy is interested in global biodiversity conservation and would like to work on an international level applying practical solutions to conservation challenges.