Our Logo!


As Iker was scrolling through NOAA’s Twitter feed, he realized: we have no logo!

With his creative energies beginning to flow, he looked at our bathymetric survey grid and realized that the overall shape reminded him of one of the famous Nazca geoglyphs – the ancient carvings in the Nazca Desert in Peru. And – recognizing that we are studying the Cocos-Nazca spreading center – he decided that this would form his starting inspiration.  So, he downloaded an aerial photograph of ‘the bird’ geoglyph, georeferenced it on our bathymetry, and found that the two shapes fit together well! Eureka!  Iker created the heart of our logo – and framed it with a ring of the colored bathymetric contours.

Bird geoglyph from the Nazca desert in Peru. From http://www.thebigriddle.com/2016/04/nazca-lines-great-geoglyphs-of-peru.html
Cruise survey track.

Then others joined the fun.  Ben and Charlie came up with the idea of adding a dark outer ring, which represents the black glass rind of the pillow basalts – the type of rock that we are dredging!

Then came the finishing touches.  ResTech Josh suggested that we add a ‘compass rose’ – because, after all, we are at sea.   Gaby then made a sketch of a circle and a compass rose around the ‘glass rind,’ and added keywords describing our cruise.  The sketch reminded Debbie of a captain’s wheel – what could be more appropriate for a cruise than that!

After several days of ‘perfecting’ the design, Voila!  We have our logo!

                                                                         Our Logo!


But it doesn’t end there…. We are now in touch with T-shirt printers in San Diego to get our official cruise T-shirt – with logo – printed in time for our arrival.

T-shirts we are ordering with our logo on the front