Behind the scenes of life aboard

The crew on the ship have different duties and one of them is general upkeep. The science party is usually busy doing, well, science and we sometimes do not notice all the efforts that go into making the ship a clean, tidy and beautiful environment for us to work. One of the tasks that result in nice and shiny deck surfaces is removing rust with a needle gun that is connected to compressed air and re-painting the freshly scraped surfaces. All exposed surfaces get some rust on them and the needle gun, which is pretty loud, is the crew’s de-rusting weapon! Foot-  scrubbing mats get washed once in a while and hand rails are used as clothes drying lines. Additionally, passage ways are vacuumed and mopped. The crew goes to great lengths to keep the ship running smoothly and for that, we are most grateful!

Needle gun
Crew members de-rusting the deck just below the bridge
New paint where the crew members were working


Mat laundry!