What’s out and what’s in for 2021

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What’s Out                                                 What’s In


Climate Change Denial                       The Paris Climate Accord

Pebble Creek Mine                                Chinook Salmon

Beliefs                                                           Science

Maskholes                                                  Vaccines

Polluted Streams                                     Clean Water Rule

Beautiful Coal                                           Solar Power

Agent Orange                                           Deliberative Discourse

Golf                                                                Dogs in the White House

Twitter                                                         Bird Song

Atlantic Coast Pipeline                       Environmental Justice

Draining the Swamp                             Protecting Wetlands

Fake News                                                 Quantitative Analysis

Steve Bannon                                          John Kerry

The Loser                                                  Serious work on big problems

4 thoughts on “What’s out and what’s in for 2021

  1. Back to the world of difficult and constructive challenges. Thanks for putting these contrasting lists together. May this new year day be the renewal of focused intelligence along with serious time with birds, dogs, friends, and compassion for others. Thanks Bill!

  2. .

    As always, your posts create thought and responses. I hope that you will allow someone else’s perspective at the same time.

    1. Comments (even submissions of potential guest blogs) will be considered provided they are:
      1. Grounded in primary scientific research
      2. Concise and well written
      3. Not self-aggrandizing
      4. Civil

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