Punta Arenas (Sun., 4/19/09) – Preparations

We spent today preparing equipment and obtaining our cold weather gear.

For most of us, today was our first full day in Punta Arenas.  We flew down yesterday through Dallas and Santiago, Chile.  Our trip south from Santiago was spectacular, with views of glaciers and the Andes as we made our way down the coast of Chile.  Punta Arenas is literally at the end of the world and it is from here that we will sail for Antarctica.

We spent today collecting our cold weather gear (parkas, boots, hats, gloves, goggles, etc.) and working on equipment aboard the Research Vessel L.M Gould, our home for the next two months.  Everyone aboard the ship was wonderful – helpful and welcoming; there was nothing they could not provide, fabricate or conjure up for us.  It’s a great relief that we will be working with such an exceptional group of people for the next eight weeks.

So far, so good – all of our equipment is in good order and spirits are very high.  We saw two species of marine mammals from the dock today – a South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens) foraging near the wharf and a group of Peale’s dolphins  (Lagenorhynchus australis) cavorting a little further offshore.  Our ship is tied up amongst crab boats unloading centolla and across from a longline vessel that fishes for Patagonian toothfish.  Lots of interesting things going on around us.

Tomorrow we will complete our preparations, load our personal gear and get ready to depart on Tuesday morning. Stay tuned for more updates!

3 thoughts on “Punta Arenas (Sun., 4/19/09) – Preparations

  1. Be safe

    Hi Andy,
    You guys be safe and have fun. Please take lots of pictures to share on the site. I have never had an opportunity to explore like this and it will be fun to get to be a part of your trip if just through the web! :o) You guys be safe and have a great time!
    (The Dean’s office, A246)

  2. Long Lines
    Is it legal for those ships to be using long lines? Regardless that sounds like an incredible adventure you went on.

    1. Long Lines

      Actually these are legal longlines. Several countries are permitted to fish for toothfish in the southern Ocean (as opposed to the IUU or ‘pirate’ fishery)….

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