Palmer Station (Sun., 4/26/09) – Video walking tour

Here is a quick walking tour of Palmer Station from the outside from the dock where we arrived to the Palmer Station Glacier in the backyard.

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to upload a quick video to give you an idea of what we are experiencing at Palmer station with a quick intro to the two main buildings, Bio and GWR.  Bio has our science lab, the galley, offices, and berthing for a few of the scientists.  GWR has the lounge, exercise room, ship’s store, and berthing for the rest of us.  Also, it’s not day 26 but April 26th in the video (but I’m sure you’ve figured that out).


One thought on “Palmer Station (Sun., 4/26/09) – Video walking tour

  1. Walking Tour

    This is great — I feel like I am there. I also love the fact that there is a grill on the deck there. People here don’t sell mesquite hardwood charcoal in the winter because it’s a seasonal item. Seasonal item? It’s freaking Antarctica in May and there is a grill outside. That was the most impressive part of this, though you almost getting capped by a forklift was a nice touch too. My kids thought that was a kick. Good luck — scan up some krill!

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