Drake Passage (Tues., 6/8/10) – What we’ve learned during this cruise: the important parts

As I sit here in the 02 lounge, wedged into a corner in a beanbag chair, watching my 8th movie in two days, fending off with my feet the four chairs that come flying towards me every 30 seconds or so, and then flying away as the ship rolls to the opposite side, I reflect on our time in the Antarctic this year.

Not only have we collected scads of wonderful data and seen amazing scenery, but we’ve also met a great bunch of people and developed new colleagues.  And though we may all look like identical orange marshmallows to you, we’ve also developed a recognition for individual characteristics that allow us to identify each other from afar.  I thought it might be fun to include a game in today’s blog so that you loyal blog-followers can see if you’ve picked up on the same wardrobe cues that we have to identify various cruise members.  Plus, this means I don’t have to write as much, which means I can shut my brain off sooner.  The Drake crossing is always easier with brain shut off.

Take a look at the pictures below and make your guesses as to who’s who. Answers tomorrow!

I’ll close by saying that though we’re sad to see the cruise come to an end, we’re all very much missing our friends and family, and are looking forward to seeing all of you (whether in person or via internet, which we have also sorely been missing) in a few days!  Also I’d like to send out a congratulations to Liv and Brian, Heidi and Tsultrim, and Elliott and Lucie, all of whom recently welcomed new additions to their families — Heidi and Tsultrim’s just today!



Guess who? 1 Guess who? 2
Guess who? 3 Guess who? 4
Guess who? 5 Guess who? 6
Guess who? 7 Guess who? 8

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