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Land, ho!

A day of adventure awaits us in San Diego! Enjoying Ocean Beach For once on the trip, a 5am start […]

Pacific Sights

A day full of ocean wonders! Today dawned clear and sunny on the Pacific, a good day for creature sightings. […]

Game Night

We enjoyed some competition among our group as we once again had a fun filled game night after finishing our […]

Cruise Gifts #2

Another round of fun and games just when we needed it. The first half of our day was business as […]

Presentations and Preparation

The undergrads prepare for their first presentations on the ship and anticipate tomorrow’s stop at shark cafe. For the most […]

Fun, Games, and Science

Day 5 on the R/V Thompson was filled with fun and games – with a little science on the side, […]

Shark Cafe

Shark Cafe

The ship’s course is adjusted to sample at the Shark Cafe to try to understand why white sharks congregate halfway […]

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