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A Late Greeting to the New Year
by Abigail McEwen -- April 14th, 2014

Happy belated 2014!

By now, it is almost February. Hopefully, those resolutions are still going strong!

For my first post of 2014, I thought I would catch you up on what I’ve been up to and give you all a sneak peak of some topics you’ll see me blog about this semester.

Catching Up 

While I spent the early part of my winter vacation in Chicago, I escaped to Sweden before the dreaded “Polar Vortex” hit. Yes, Sweden was warmer then Chicago (a fact I not-so-nicely enjoyed rubbing in the face of my friends and family back home).

I rang in the New Year in Uppsala, the same town I studied abroad in as an undergraduate. Visiting Sweden again provided me with a lot of sustainability related blogging inspiration, which I will be sharing in the upcoming months.

A snapshot of my New Year's Eve in Sweden.

A snapshot of my New Year’s Eve in Sweden. Click to enlarge.

Finally, after my long and much needed break was over, I landed back in Durham to start my second semester of graduate school (but not before having one nasty 6 hour weather delay) . So far the semester has been a whirlwind of new classes, internship applications, and MP decisions and deadlines!

After surviving a rather hectic first semester of graduate school, I’m up for a new set of challenges with a new set of classes. On my spring 2014 schedule are two required classes for my concentration, “risk assessment” and “environmental health”. Additionally, I will be braving another semester of GIS and chemistry for my elective classes, “GIS for water management” and “chemical transformations in the environment”.

And of course, I’m looking forward to another semester of blogging!

Coming Up on Toxicity Translations

  • Sustainability perspectives from my experiences visiting and living abroad in Sweden
  • The SETAC focused topic meeting on endocrine disrupting chemicals (my first conference!)
  • Chemical regulation and reform (partially inspired by the West Virginia chemical spill)
  • Consumer product safety
  • And, perspectives on my classes and life as a graduate student

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