A Stage to Inspire
by Kevin He -- October 1st, 2012

As the lights dim, a sudden hush comes over the theater,

everyone silently waiting for the same thing,

the first note.


A voice passes through

with warnings of noises unknown.

A silence follows-


But it is the wand that waits,

ready to control the voices of stage

as bow to string,

hesitating briefly, finding the perfect moment

where inspiration can pierce the gloom

and enter the hearts of an audience awaiting.


When the moment comes, it enters its own world

in a dance, unaware of the eyes and ears that behold; its movements

conjure fantastical beauty

through song and dance and story,

never letting its apprentices escape.


It is a magic that lasts,

beyond the stage and into dreams,

transforming thought into speech

and into action

for the many who have seen and heard

the dancing of the wand.


It is a magic that inspires and lights the fire that burns within the hearts of millions,

that kindles people to applause in the theater

or brings communities together through action for causes that may seem remote and untouchable;

it exists on multiple stages,

a shapeshifter in medium, method, and message.


And yet this magic is forgotten on the biggest stage:

On Earth.


We strive for perfection,

the perfect image,

the perfect information,

and the perfect message

to show suffering, destruction, and chaos,

to prove the righteousness of our cause.

But perfection will not win their hearts.


Images can move them,

and information can make them think,

but perfect messages cannot make them feel.

That will not make them understand

why do we care?


In our journey for perfection we have lost our path,

forward to the world we hope to see,

and backwards from the world we love:

the Earth we want to protect.


In our search for the perfect image of suffering,

we ignored beauty.

For perfect information of destruction,

we overlooked life.

For the perfect message of chaos,

we forgot magic.

How is the fire to be spread if its source is extinguished?


It may be that this stage has been our home for too long a time;

we want to give the audience our best,

so much so that our minds mask our hearts,

rendering beauty a shell of itself,

bereft of the magic we hope to express.


But inspiration lost is smolders of coal,

the heat of a fire not long gone.

It waits for the kindling of remembrance:

of songs that call upon night to day,

ropes that stake snaking claim to a world unseen,

and towers that form the foundations that support us.

There is endless beauty to inspire

if the heart is open.


And so we await the curtain closing,

the silent echoes of the final note fading.

We dare to hope for an encore

to stall the darkness from taking our stage.

But our fears are swept away amid thunderous applause

that reaches us from beyond the veil.


The wand stills,

its dance now over,

but the movement lingers further,

into the audience beyond the stage,

bringing magic into the world of life.

1 Comment

  1. Jenchen
    Oct 26, 2012

    Perfection needs nothing as it is complete,
    It’s imperfection that moves us. 🙂

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