What’s the Point?

Environmental science is an intriguing contradiction. On the one hand, you have a whole slew of experts working their butts […]

A Bigger Picture

It’s all too easy to get fixated on a single, minuscule detail, so it’s always important to take a small step back, breathe, and remember what this is all for. It’s time to remember the big picture.

Post-Production: Waste in the Theater

Everything takes resources and has waste, regardless of how enjoyable the end product.

It’s About Time

For those who haven’t had a chance to listen/watch Obama’s Inauguration speech earlier today, here are the words that rang […]

Beauty in Destruction

My recent trip to New Zealand also brought up an interesting question: can something ruined still create something beautiful?  

Online Shopping: Laziness or Conservation?

It’s the beginning on the holiday season, which, to many, entails the start to the stressful past-time of holiday shopping. This leaves us with the decade-old question: where do I shop? Or, more accurately, how do I shop?

What Separates Us?

What distinguishes portraiture from nature photography? Or, in the larger context, what prevents the rest of life from exhibiting the same traits and beauty that we ourselves treasure?

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