In Which I Look Ahead
by Sarah Gillig Sunu -- April 5th, 2013

Only a week and a half left of classes—hard to believe! In the next three weeks I have a lab report to finish (Marine and Coastal GIS), a group website to work on (Conservation Ethics), a final group lab report to collect field data for and write (GIS Field Skills), a group report and presentation to deliver (Program Management), a final lab project (Marine and Coastal GIS), a research paper to write (Marine and Coastal GIS), and a final exam (Economic Evaluation of Sustainable Development). Oh, and tax day is coming up. Yikes! One day at a time.

In between working on all of the things, I’m still trying to take some time to enjoy the spring blossoms at Duke Gardens—check out the pictures below!

The last couple of days have also been really exciting here at the Nic School, as all of the second years have been presenting their Master’s Projects (MPs). I’ve been really impressed by the breadth and depth of the projects I’ve seen, everything from marine mammal strandings to the role of art in science. It’s made me excited about presenting my own project next year! I’ll tell you all about that soon, since I’ll be working on it over the summer and there are a couple of final details to be settled. Suffice to say it will be bringing together a bunch of my interests, and will hopefully be useful too!

Only about 126 days until we’re in Beaufort!

Tides for Friday, April 5th, 2013, Beaufort, NC

High: 4:25 AM, 3.29 ft

Low: 10:45 AM, 0.04 ft

High: 4:57 PM, 3.06 ft

Low: 11:07 PM, 0.02 ft



Went to the Lemur Center last Saturday.

Lemur looking at me

It looks kind of mad....I was really far away, so I don't think it's me, maybe it just didn't like the fence.

More Magnolia
Magnolia blossom

I believe this is a deciduous magnolia. I never knew there were so many kinds of magnolia before I moved here.


It let me get very close--campus squirrels have no fear. They also like to pop out of trash cans at you.

Lady Duck
Ducks on the Terrace

A little out of their territory! Guess they wanted to check out the wedding that was happening in the wisteria gazebo.

Terrace Flowers
Diving Duck!
Glove Tree

I think this flowering tree (believe it's actually a magnolia species) looks like someone stuck white gloves on it.



  1. Tawnee
    Apr 17, 2013

    I realize how belated this comment is, but your photos from the garden turned out great! This lens takes fabulous photos.

  2. Ainur
    Apr 29, 2013

    Sarah thank you for your wanderful story. After looking at this pictures I wish to come and visit this place.

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