Exploring Environmentalism
by Sarah Gillig Sunu -- May 10th, 2013

Hello again!

Lots of rain here lately! Sidewalk outside of the LSRC

Well, my first year of graduate school is now officially over—all of my assignments are in, tests have been taken, and I even have my final grades back already.  With all that taken care of, it’s a lot easier to think of interesting topics for my blog, other than finals-zombie-things like “I lost my favorite water bottle and I’ve run out of money in my printer account and I need to have more braaaaaaaaaaains arrrrrrrrgh” (I found my water bottle in the library where I had left it and IT very kindly replenished my printer account, so happy endings all around).

One of my final projects was actually tough for me for an unusual reason: I really wanted to work on it all of the time (had to make sure I wasn’t neglecting my other assignments)!  That project was the Exploring Environmentalism website, for the Conservation Ethics class that I took with Dr. Rebecca Vidra.

Conservation Ethics this year was a combined class of undergraduates and graduate students, which I really enjoyed. The undergraduates did a great job of incorporating the many disciplines they represented in our discussions, and provided the four of us from the Nic School with some new perspectives. Hopefully we gave them some new things to think about as well!

Well, they look like bluebells of some kind. Need to brush up on my botany skills.

Dr. Vidra gave us free rein for the graduate student group final project, so we decided to create a website about environmentalism.

I’m really glad that I was able to take the class, because it really helped me start to define my relationship to the environmental movement. But not everyone in the Nic School will have the opportunity to take the class (though if you do have the chance, I really recommend it!), so we thought that a website would be a good way to start a conversation on environmentalism, and how it relates to environmental management and our personal lifestyle choices, within the Nic School.

Dogwoods outside the LSRC.

Throughout the class we were reading about, discussing, and defining environmentalism for ourselves, and to be honest, it wasn’t something that I had really taken the time to consider before (check out my earlier post on the matter here). It turns out that there are many different flavors of environmentalism, and many different ways to interact with the environmentalism movement. The website tries to capture some of the concepts we were working with for the class.

There are four main components to the website—fun pictures of members of the Nic School community with their thoughts on environmentalism (more pics coming soon), definitions of different kinds of environmentalism, a timeline, and several different concept maps showing some of the many ways that you can portray the relationships between different aspects of the movement(s). Big thank you to the undergraduates for writing all those entries, and to the other grad students for creating concept maps and timelines and taking pictures of their classmates!

Main page of our website!

I wound up doing most of the website-building, as I had more experience in it than the other grads, so please let me know about anything that needs fixing! I’ll be doing some final clean-up work on it over the summer, and hopefully the class next year will add more content to it.  I’m really excited to get to share it with you, and I hope that it helps you to think about how you relate to environmentalism!

To get to the website, click here.


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  1. Marian Keegan (@MarianKeegan)
    May 11, 2013

    I liaison with a committee in a private community called the Environment Committee. They recently discussed changing the name to the Conservation Committee. The general consensus is that Environment encompasses “more” than Conservation. Waht do you think?

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